Creative Hearts

This is the CreativeHearts is the Team that helps to execute all the wonderful ideas for all the platforms.

(CreativeHearts is the TEAM that gives Methods and orchestrates dynamics for ALL the different platforms members to execute).

Is the aspect of ministry that is comprised of Arts, social media, everything that has to do in creating and projecting the word of God in any activities done by JesusOneHeart in the most creative way possible. It’s also the team’s responsibility of making sure every project is created in the most dynamic and electric way.

The CreativeHearts Team has the Responsibility with in JesusOneHeart to help create a picture of who God is through using their gifts and talents.

CreativeHearts Department encompasses many areas, not only worship music and vocalist, yet also production, Tv, Film Makers, Artist, Writers, Fashion Designers, Stage Managers, All REGULAR DAY PEOPLE WHOM WANT TO MAKE A GOOD CHANGE.

It is our firm belief that God deserves our very best. We have a responsibility to lead as best as we are able. As a result, there is a need to practice, to improve our crafts, to steward our gifts and to learn how to better work together in a team. Rehearsals allow us that opportunity, to make mistakes, modifications and continue to rehearse until we know that what we will bring is the very best. As people gather to seek God, our aim is to help their encounter with God. Improvement is essential to the CreativeHearts. By getting better hopefully people are helped by what we bring, not hindered or distracted by it. That’s what excellence is — a commitment in bringing our personal best in an ongoing progress.


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