Heart For The Homeless

Bringing The Homeless Into A Home

A platform and a vision to restore all homeless people

Heart For The Homeless:

Is an easy way for you to connect and have the accessibility to make a TRUE difference in the lives of many homeless people.

We have created a platform with many partners in the community, for you to learn how to help the homeless and be able to execute in live-action what you’ve learn.

Lets be honest, a lot of people do not know how to speak to a homeless person, yet alone physically help them, by giving food, teachings, etc.

Unfortunately a lot of people are almost scared of a homeless person, yet is not a malice intent to have that feeling.

With JesusOneHeart, Heart For The Homeless, we teach you basic instructions and physically will be with you, demonstrating to you how to love the homeless person, by simply even having a conversation with them.

Join us, NOW and Lets make a difference together in our Community!!

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Please also visit our ‘Community Vision Project’ page to see the Dream of, “Bringing The Homeless Into A Home.”


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